How Unallocated Support Works

The final discussion of support is unallocated maintenance and child support, i.e., child support and maintenance blended into one payment. The award is fully tax deductible by the payor and fully included in the income of the recipient's spouse. This type of award is very attractive to payors in Chicago and throughout Illinois because the child support, which is normally not deductible by the payor on his tax return nor includable in the tax returns of the recipient, can now be fully deductible. The recipient of support will customarily agree to this award if the spouse receives such additional support to cover the possible tax liability.

Again, the above discussion only provides a brief outline of the issues and is not intended to provide definitive answers to your support questions. You are urged to speak with an attorney at Rinella and Rinella, Ltd. who can provide you with more detailed solutions to your support issues.

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