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For families, and particularly children, few things have the devastating and far-reaching negative impact of domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence in the household. Yet domestic violence is an all too common occurrence, especially in families that are experiencing the stress of separation and divorce.

Domestic violence can occur in a variety of ways in a variety of different types of relationships. Illinois law broadly defines "abuse" to cover not only physical abuse, but also harassment, intimidation of a dependent, interference with personal liberty and willful deprivation. The persons protected from domestic violence by Illinois law are also broadly defined to include spouses, former spouses, people who share or who formerly shared a common dwelling, people who have a child in common, persons who have or had a dating or engagement relationship, minor children or dependent adults in the care of a family or household member, and high-risk adults with disabilities.

How Do I Get A Restraining Order?

Every domestic violence situation is different and requires experienced legal guidance and care. At Rinella and Rinella, Ltd., not only are our attorneys skilled in handling all manner of domestic violence situations, but we are also dedicated to providing compassionate, discreet, and individualized legal counseling and services for our clients.

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