Chicago Complex Divorce Attorney

Recognized As One Of The Premiere Family Law Firms In The Country

Rinella and Rinella, Ltd., is the oldest family law firm in Illinois. We have even been at the same address since 1932. More than that, however, we offer clients continuity of staff. Many of our attorneys have been here for more than a decade, and our low turnover rate gives clients peace of mind, reassuring them that the attorneys they work with will be here as long as they're needed.

We are known for our tradition of professionalism and excellence, and we have a reputation for getting the job done without exacerbating the situation.

The Representation Clients Expect And Deserve

During the history of the firm, we have represented a range of clients — captains of industries, television celebrities and sports stars, as well as business owners, professionals and homemakers. Regardless of the assets or money our clients bring to the firm, they always receive the same treatment. We have the same priorities in every case:

  • Get the best results with the least animosity: Many people collapse under the pressure of divorce. We believe it is our job to lighten our clients' emotional burdens and help them rebuild their lives.
  • Provide high-quality and professional legal service: We prioritize growing in experience and knowledge, and we continue to add staff members who have expertise in tax, accounting and business matters to help ensure our clients' complex financial matters are handled effectively.
  • Satisfy clients' economic and emotional goals: We always strive to get the most work done for our clients, and we know that the best outcomes need to come with the best prices.
  • Negotiate when possible; litigate when necessary: Our experience has taught us the best results usually happen when both parties are working together to achieve the same goals. We work with our clients and the opposition to negotiate, but we won't hesitate to litigate if that is the necessary step to protect our clients' best interests.
  • Maintain communication and accessibility: Many people contact our firm after being frustrated with the lack of communication from their previous lawyers. We always keep our clients informed with updates in their cases, and we respond promptly to any questions.

Rinella and Rinella, Ltd., is dedicated to preserving its heritage of quality legal work for years to come. We are committed to growth in order to enable us to better serve our clients. To learn more about our representation or to schedule your initial consultation, contact our firm online or call 312-236-5454. We serve clients in Chicago and throughout the surrounding suburbs.