Automatic Withholding Of Child Support Payments

In the "bad old days" of family law in Chicago and throughout Illinois, the residential parent often was left without support because the obligor failed to pay to the residential parent his child support. The Court had little power to compel the parent to pay support. Then came a revolution in family law starting in the 1980's.

One of the best tools which came out of that revolution was income withholding for support. Now, when a child support order is entered, that order and a notice is sent to the obligor's employer and the child support is automatically withheld from his or her paycheck. This enforcement method is a godsend to residential parents so that he/she can rely on a regular source of support for the child.

However, income withholding is not mandatory. The parties, only by agreement, can establish an alternate method to secure the payment of support e.g. automatic transfer from obligor's bank account. There are other methods to secure support. However, the most common method is income withholding. Work with an attorney to learn more.

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