Moving Out Of State With A Child

Moving is always a big decision. However, if you are divorced and have children, there are additional complications. One of the biggest decisions that must be considered is how the decision to move will impact your current custody plants. In reality, if you're looking to move outside of Illinois — or if your ex-spouse is looking to move outside the state — it will impact your custody arrangements. But will the impact be positive or negative?

Anytime the court is making decisions that impact the children, its primary concern is protecting the best interests of the children. At Rinella and Rinella, Ltd., our attorneys have more than 100 years of experience helping people in Chicago resolving matters related to child relocation.

Can I Move Out Of Illinois With My Child?

If you are interested in moving out of Illinois with your child, it's important to know what factors the court will consider when considering the impact your move will have on child custody. To help prepare clients for the questions that may arise in court, our lawyers ask a variety of questions, including:

  • What's the motivation and reason for the job?
  • What opportunities and benefits exist for the child?
  • Would the child benefit from better schools?
  • What opportunities and benefits exist for the parent?
  • Would the parent and child be able to afford a better house?
  • Will extended family be closer, making it easier to facilitate better relationships?

Can I Stop My Ex From Moving Out Of Illinois With Our Child?

If your ex is trying to move out of Illinois with your child, you may be concerned about the rights you have. If the move will impact your custody and visitation schedule, we work to determine whether it's viable and reasonable to work out another schedule.

For example, if the court allows the other parent to move out of Illinois with your child, we work to determine the best way to make up your time with the children. Will they spend all the holidays with you? Will they spend summers with you?

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